Fibre for Mental Health

October 23, 2017
Manuka Chaff

Horses are hard-wired to eat and are referred to as "trickle grazers". Free-ranging horses will graze or forage for around 10-15 hours per day (some up to 18 hours) with foraging behaviour spread over 10-15 individual feed bouts.

New to Manuka Lucerne Haylage?

October 16, 2017
Manuka Chaff

Manuka Lucerne haylage is a type of conserved forage. Instead of leaving the harvest to dry before baling, as would be done for hay

Healthy Alternative for Performance

September 10, 2017
Karen Richardson

Traditionally hay has been the stable alternative to pasture and when more digestible energy is required to meet the increasing demands of performance horses the amount of hay decreases and the quantity of grain or concentrate increases.